Accomodation (Update)

If you choose to request accomodation through DSU Toscana via the link posted below, you will be offered accomodation in one or more student residences all around the city, depending on the vacancies. In the online form (under "Note") you can also specify your preferences, if any, for one or more residences. The list of DSU residences is the following:


By far the most practical residence for those who want to attend WoSS9 is Piccolomini, only a few hundred meters from Porta Romana. Porrione is the most central one, and reasonably close to the venue of the conference. Fontebranda, Mattioli San Marco and Sperandie are also fine provided that you are willing to have a walk in the historical city center (not the worst of evils, if you want our opinion). On the other hand, avoid Tognazza at all costs: commuting could be a nightmare.

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