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Siena is not directly served by any national or international airport. To reach us, you will have to fly to either Florence or Pisa, then take a bus or a train to Siena. For most international connections, especially for low cost flights, you are most likely to choose Pisa. You can reach Siena via train. You can find the schedule here:

From Pisa Aeroporto, you will have to change twice, in Pisa Centrale and in Empoli. You can buy tickets for the whole trip in Pisa Aeroporto. If you land in Firenze “Amerigo Vespucci” Airport, you will have to take a shuttle bus to the main railway station Santa Maria Novella (one trip every 45 min). From there you can go by train (see link above) or by bus (lines 131O and 131R):

To avoid misunderstandings, please notice that for some reason Siena public bus company is called “Train”.

The venue of WoSS9 is Complesso S. Niccolò, Via Roma 56, third floor, room 356. It is only a hundred meters away from Porta Romana, at the Southeastern tip of the historical city center. You will know the place by the big marble gate on which you can read, perhaps not surprisingly, the words “Ospedale psichiatrico”.


Siena is a highly touristic town and accomodation is not always cheap or easy to find. Student residences operated by DSU Toscana offer short-term accomodation to visiting students, at about 15-20 euros per night (double or single room, respectively). Requests must be filed by using the following online form (in Italian):


Glosses of Italian words:
Sede territoriale: place (namely, Siena)
Inizio soggiorno (gg/mm/aaaa): date of arrival (day/month/year format)
Numero notti: number of nights 
Numero posti: number of beds requested
Nome e cognome: your name and surname
Email: guess what!
Recapito telefonico: telephone number
Note: Further information
Codice di controllo: control code

One important proviso.
DSU Toscana only assigns rooms that have not been assigned to resident students. For this reason, requests for accomodation can be filed not earlier than one week before the arrival. Any earlier request will not be processed.

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